Arkwright Scholarships


J motion has been commissioned to create a promotional video to encourage teenagers to apply for an Arkwright Engineering Scholarship.   The Scholarships are awarded to high-calibre 16 year-old students through a rigorous selection process and support students through the two years of their A levels, Scottish Advanced Highers or equivalent qualifications.   Every Scholarship […]

Geeks: Project 3


J motion’s cameras are to return to Geeks to produce a new promotional video.   Our third project for the London-based software development company will create a new company overview video for the Geeks home page as well as for use during personal presentations.   It follows our successful staff recruitment and social media series […]

Geneva English School


J motion has secured a major promotional video project with Geneva English School.   In our second international project within the education sector, our cameras will be capturing a flavour of the activities and opportunities available to students.   Four days of filming are being scheduled for early May with separate videos produced for Primary, […]

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