Project Case Study: Cisco Systems

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Project Summary

Client: Cisco Systems
Location: Feltham, Middlesex

  • ½ day of filming on location
  • 3 days of production time
  • Bespoke creative treatment
  • Shot-by-shot storyboard process
  • Bespoke animated graphics
  • Royalty-free music
  • Delivery format: You Tube
Project Details

The research and development team at the UK arm of Cisco Systems needed a video to raise awareness of a piece of technology they were launching at Cisco’s international IT industry fair, Cisco Live.
J motion suggested that a TV advert format – adopting a highly creative approach with a short running time – would maximise impact and offer a memorable start to the pre-launch campaign on social media.
Cisco’s technology will dramatically improve the time it takes to track the source of a breakdown between two points on a computer network. At the moment, engineers compare the issue to looking for a needle in a haystack and so we used that analogy as our starting point.
Having sourced a farm, a barn and one haystack for our filming location, we then placed a cast of “extras” to play out the scene. The result is a sharp but entertaining illustration of what Cisco’s new technology will do.

Client Testimonial

An absolutely fantastic production, we appreciate all of your guidance and hard work in making this happen for us. You completely nailed the messaging! Thanks from the CITG innovation team @Cisco Research UK!
Matthew Richards, Collaboration Technology Group, Cisco Systems (UK)


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