Your corporate video will be so much better if you think a few things through before the camera crew turn up – it’s all in the planning!
So, get things off to a flying start by considering the following factors;

  1. Project Objective(s) – What do you want to achieve from your video project? e.g. convey information, provoke viewer enquiry or response, increase sales
  2. Target audience – Who is your video aimed at and where will they be watching? We can help to ensure the project is tailored to reach single or multiple target groups.
  3. Key messages – What do you need to say? Try to keep these as sharp and effective as possible.
  4. Key shots and locations – What do you need to show and where can those scenes be captured?
  5. Special permission – Do you need consent to film specific people, activities or locations?
  6. Visual theme – Does the production need to tie in with specific brand guidelines or existing web & print communications?

See examples of Corporate Video Productions from J motion.

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