Whatever your business, it’s never been more important to engage your audience with a value-added communications strategy.
It’s no longer enough to simply shout about what you do and expect people to listen. You need to include genuinely useful information in order to build trust and credibility. It’s all about content – that’s why it’s called content marketing.
For many organisations this can quite literally mean giving something away – in the form of information – in order to demonstrate expertise or specialist services. For others it might mean developing a series of supporting resources that go beyond their core offer.
Remember, with value-added communications, it isn’t about YOU and the sales messages that YOU want to get across – it’s about your CUSTOMER; meeting them where THEY are, with information that THEY will value.
Supplying a professional service? Try a series of client video case studies to demonstrate your solutions to real-life situations. Nothing is more powerful than a customer talking positively about what you do and their testimony is given added value if it’s based on a situation that your viewer can identify with.
Offering professional or specialist knowledge? Try a series of themed discussions to showcase the expertise of your personnel. These structured conversations can be a useful tool to demonstrate the calibre of your staff, your pool of knowledge and the services that you provide. By giving away some general introductory information, you are more likely to win the trust of your viewer and a desire to discuss their own situation with you in more detail. Vodcasts can also be a useful tool to raise awareness and cross-sell your services to existing customers.
Supplying a people-based service? Try a series of Staff Profile videos to build trust and credibility by giving your audience a chance to “meet the team”. For most organisations, their sucess is dependent on their people. Short, tightly-edited inteviews with key players can convey their passion and commitment for what they do, serve as an ice-breaker for the viewer ahead of a face-to-face meeting and can also create a useful tool to convey key messages in a very genuine way.
Manufacturing or distributing a product? Try a series of “How to…” guides to demonstrate different features and applications. Your viewer may already be familiar with the basics of your product – but you can add value to your marketing by demonstrating how it will actually help them in real-life situations. By showing this deeper level of understanding of your customer’s needs, your offer immediately looks more attractive in a competitive market.
James Nathan
Maximise Audience Reach – with professional input at the planning stage, a production can often be developed from an initial requirement to serve a broader communications purpose. On delivery, your finished video can be presented across a range of different platforms to maximise audience reach;

  • On-line – via your own website, adding significant value to static text and image-based information.
  • On-line – via your own FREE You Tube “channel” – on the world’s 2nd biggest search engine.
  • On-line – additional exposure may be appropriate via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin etc – especially if you want to engage your audience in conversation, feedback and sharing.
  • Looped-play DVD – ideal for public spaces; reception areas, open days, exhibitions, trade shows etc.
  • Menu-driven DVD – ideal for personal presentations, sales demonstrations etc.
  • Additional platforms;
  • Incorporate your video content as part of a PowerPoint presentation
  • Bulk duplication of your project onto DVD for distribution direct to target groups
  • Load your video onto a digital photo-frame, delivered as a corporate gift

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