Need a corporate video but don’t know where to start?
The choices are mesmerising – from picking up your smartphone and doing it yourself… to that very nice man who did your wedding video… to the professional corporate video production company (hey, that’s us!)… to the high-end film studios who are making the next blockbuster or TV drama.
So… what’s right for you? It all depends on your objectives and your expectations…
DIY – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a go yourself – either using your smartphone, tablet or maybe getting your mate to pop round with his camcorder. If you need something quick, simple (and free!) to post to your blog then this approach could well be the right solution. The raw edge of a home-made video can have the effect of making a personal video seem more spontaneous and genuine.
PROFESSIONAL – however, the moment you are trying to position an organisation as a credible operator, the traits of an amateur production could work against you. You’ll probably conclude that you’d benefit from some sort of professional input. What the professionals can bring is creativity, experience, technical expertise and higher production values than you are likely to achieve on your own.
PARTNERSHIP – your video project will involve team-work, so it’s vital that you feel comfortable with the people you will work with and the creative process that you’ll be following.
PRODUCTION – anyone can turn up with a camcorder and call themselves a video production company. Are you just wanting a freelance crew who will shoot to order? In other words, do you expect to direct them on every shot and sit through the editing process afterwards, instructing every cut? If you value some professional input, you’ll probably need a full-service video production company (hey, that’s us again!) with a team of specialists – camera, editor, producers, graphics animation – as all of these skills will be required.
PORTFOLIO – take a look at examples of their work with previous clients. Do you like what they do? Can they match genuine TV production values to meet the expectations of your audience? Do they have the journalistic background to understand your story and do it justice? Cross-question the web designers or marketing agencies who say “we can also do video” – it’s a completely different skills-set – unless they outsource to a professional team (hey, that’s us again!) You get the picture…
BUDGET – the bottom line is everything… but, unless you’re trying to make the next cinematic blockbuster, your production should be competitively priced, relative to the cost of creating a corporate website or glossy brochure. It’s easy to do the maths – if you’re only quoted a few hundred pounds then you know that you can only be buying a day or so of an experienced professional’s time. This may be fine for a quick single-camera talking-head interview or a low-tech animation of text or photos. But for a genuine multi-camera shoot on location involving a professional crew, together with the necessary planning, project meetings, storyboard development, site recce and the subsequent time required in editing, post-production and graphics animation, a minimum budget of around £2k is more realistic.
PERSPECTIVE – the average budget for producing a 30-second TV commercial in the UK ranges from around £10k to £100k, depending on locations, studio requirements, special effects and celebrity involvement. And, of course, many examples can cost considerably more. What value do you put on your production?
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