J motion’s Production Manager, Mat Hyman, encourages clients to aim high!
Time after time we hear new clients begin their first conversation with us by uttering these same three words: ‘We only need…’ Why limit yourself before you’ve even started?

At J motion, whether you’re a high-end automotive company or a local estate agent, we believe there should be no difference in the approach to your video production. Understandably, you’re concerned about the cost of creating a video that looks very high end and matches TV production values – but this can be quite misleading as your video can have all the ‘bells and whistles’ without it costing the earth.
Ask yourself; do I want to present the most professional image of my business, or have something that will ‘just do’? Many people see video on their website as just an extra prong to their marketing strategy. In fact, video is the perfect medium to truly engage and speak to your audience. Think about your favourite movies and consider why key scenes and moments resonate with you? Ultimately it’s because you’ve had an emotional response from what you were watching.
It’s this guiding principle that we follow at the start every one of our productions; if you have a strong understanding of how to connect with your audience then you have every chance of providing them with opportunities to engage with what you are offering. Marry this up with artistic camera, lighting and editing skills and you’ll be left with an end result that sings. Video encompasses so much with every frame, so it’s vital that you don’t go into the process half-heartedly.
On the face of it, you may think that your service or product is fairly mundane, but it’s this kind of challenge that fires us up at J motion. We always look forward to thinking outside the box and delivering something really special – creating an impact – especially when the viewer wouldn’t be expecting it.
So please don’t shut any doors before you’ve even embarked on your video journey by feeling ‘well that’s OK for them but it won’t work for us’. Instead of saying ‘we only need…’ why not try ‘we only want the best!’ because here at J motion we believe every client deserves a video that allows their business or product to shine.

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