Ready to roll on a staff interview
It’s probably one of the most common elements of a corporate video production – the personal interview with a member of staff, a customer or someone else involved in the story.
We’re often asked: “What are your top tips to make all the difference between an effective and an embarrassing performance?” Here goes…
Keep it short. Keep it simple. Video has many unique qualities – one of them is that a 6-minute production isn’t necessarily twice as good as a 3-minute one! It simply doesn’t work that way. A small number of relatively simple ideas have the best chance of making an impact and being remembered by your viewer.
Stay calm! There’s nothing to get nervous about. It isn’t live, it isn’t Mastermind – we won’t ask you anything you can’t answer. We’ll schedule enough time to help you give a relaxed and confident performance – you won’t have to get it right first time!
It’s not WHAT you say… with video, it really is HOW you say it! We always strive to get a natural performance that carries conviction. The viewer can quickly tell if they are watching someone who is simply toeing the corporate line! Also, over-rehearsing a response rarely pays off unless you really are a natural performer.
In our experience, it’s often the more senior personnel in an organisation that struggle to give a natural performance because they feel under pressure to put their corporate agenda above everything else. It’s always much more effective to speak on a personal level if you want to look credible. Video is a very intimate medium – it’s like talking to a single person, rather than addressing a crowd. So, if you have a choice, always pick your most natural and charismatic performers for interview! Good luck – and, remember, we’re on your side… we don’t want you to look stupid either!
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