You’ve already got a website… your message may also appear in print as a brochure or newsletter. So how can video improve the effectiveness of your communications?
Understanding the medium of the moving image is the key to unlocking its potential…
Keep it simple – unlike the text that appears in your brochure or on your web pages – where the audience can pause and re-read at their leisure – the information in your video is delivered at a pre-determined rate. A small number of simple messages are more likely to be remembered by the viewer than a presentation where you’ve included every last word.
Keep it short – people have short attention spans – especially on-line where we all want information fast and hassle-free. Video also has a unique quality – more than any other communications medium it is able to achieve impact. But the potential of creating that impact is diminished over time. Put simply, a 6-minute video isn’t necessarily twice as effective as a 3-minute one. If you really have that much to say, think about how you could divide the content into shorter self-contained modules which combine to deliver the complete picture.
Maximise the AV – video is an audiovisual medium. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? So don’t simply re-hash the text of your brochure or website. Video must do something different to make an impact.
Harness the ER – more than any other communications medium, video is capable of provoking an emotional response from your audience. It can convey how people think and feel about a situation, idea or experience… it can capture the atmosphere of a place… the ethos of an organisation, product or service. Harness that human dimension and you’re well on the way to creating an impact that will ensure your production is a success.
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