Since our first school promotional video production back in 2005, J motion has gained a breadth of experience across all areas of the education sector; primary schools, secondary schools, academies, independent schools, colleges and universities.
The long-term relationships we’ve forged with our clients – many have come back to us for an updated school video production – give us a unique understanding of the specific needs within this area of marketing, putting us at the forefront of video production companies in the education sector.

When a school approaches us for the first time, we can sometimes detect an anxiety about what the process of creating a successful promotional video might involve – understandable, if you’ve never done anything like this before! That’s where our experience comes in. Working with so many different kinds of schools, we’re familiar with the common issues facing our clients as well as the areas where they might differ and need particular help.

We use a well-established production process, developed over the past decade. This puts a framework on the creative path with a series of checkpoints – each needing the clients’ approval – ensuring the right result, on time and on budget. Our focus is always to minimise the risk of us missing something important on our filming day which might lead to the inconvenience and potential expense of needing to be put right further down the line.
Ahead of our opening production meeting – where we’ll discuss a suitable creative treatment and visual concept to meet the brief – we offer an easy-to-follow pocket-sized Production Guide, packed with top tips to get things started. Among them, we ask our clients to have a think about a few fundamentals;

  • Project objective(s); what do you want to achieve from your video project?
    e.g. convey information, prompt an enquiry, develop your brand…
  • Target audience; who is your video aimed at and where will they be watching? We can help to ensure the project is tailored to reach single or multiple target groups.
  • Key messages; what do you need to say? Try to keep this as sharp and effective as possible. “War and Peace” may work in print… video is a bit different!
  • Key shots and locations; what do you need to show and where can those scenes be captured?
  • Visual themeDoes the production need to tie in with specific brand guidelines or existing web and print communications?
  • Special permission/considerations; do you need consent to film specific people (e.g. children), activities or locations? By the way, we’re great with kids (and animals!)– we’re fully CRB checked– but we still need to be accompanied by an adult on site.
  • Accessibility; can we get to where we need to be? We’ll be carrying a lot of heavy kit!

The aim of our planning stage is to maximise the opportunity from our filming time and minimise the risk of us capturing material that can’t be used in the final edit. The better the preparation, the better the video!
Take a look at our video package & price illustrations and please feel free to call us on 0800 772 0963 if you have any questions.

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