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If a picture paints a thousand words…
Imagine how much more you can say with 25 frames a second.


30-second Adverts
The 30-second advert or trailer is probably the most familiar format for promotional video marketing.
The tight running time imposes an incredible discipline but it also offers an opportunity for a truly creative approach to convey your message in a succinct but memorable way.
Getting your ad broadcast on Television needn’t cost the earth – you can reach a specialist audience through one of the niche TV channels. Or use Sky’s AdSmart to target specific post-codes.
Cinema advertising puts your message on the big screen to reach a targeted audience in your local community.
60-second Adverts
With a minute to spare, you have twice the running time of a standard TV commercial; long enough to develop a more complex storyline, short enough to make a real impact.
60 seconds is ideal for a creative approach to product or service information, all in beautiful 4K definition with state-of-the-art digital graphics.
Follow the smart money and go On-Line for unlimited free airtime via your own YouTube channel, backed up by a social media marketing campaign.
Our digital delivery pack gives you all the files you need to engage your audience, wherever they are.



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