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Video Production FAQ

We’re here to help you develop the most effective tool to convey your story.


How much will our video production cost?

The cost of your video production will depend on a number of factors; the total amount of filming and production time, the geography of your filming locations and the duration of your finished video.

Some productions might need additional components. For example; professional voiceover, presenters or actors, studio or venue hire, animation or 3D visualisations. Check out our illustrative Price Guide for more information.

How long will our video production take?

The complexity of your project will determine how long it takes to deliver. Typically, we would recommend allowing 2 to 3 weeks for the development phase plus a further 2 to 3 weeks after filming for editing and other post-production work.

Some projects have been completed in a matter of days, more complex productions can take many months. Let us know if you have a specific deadline and we can build your project timeline around that.



What type of video should we choose?

It all depends on your objectives. A creative advert usually carries a small amount of messaging but it’s more memorable for the viewer. An interview-led video might introduce members of your team and convey their passion.

A series of themed videos or Social Media ads could be the right solution. Customer testimonials or product videos are also very popular. Our creative development phase will help you identify the right path.

What should we include in our video?

Work on the assumption that your audience will only watch it once. Video is capable of making a real impact. Don’t just duplicate the text or images that already appear on your website. Do something different!

Locations form the backdrop. Graphics, voiceover or soundbites might lead the narrative. Surprise your audience. Give them something they will want to share. We’ll work with you to develop the right creative approach.



How long should our video be?

Numerous studies have shown that “less is more” when it comes to online video. 15 to 25 seconds is typical for Social Media ads, 30 to 60 seconds is the standard for a TV commercial.

A corporate video including interview soundbites might run to 2 or 3 minutes. However, we would always caution against trying to say too much in a single video. Break your messaging down into a series of shorter videos if you can.

What is your video production process?

First comes the planning and development phase. We’ll identify the right creative approach to engage your audience and convey your key messages. A storyboard is developed through a series of drafts along with a schedule for our filming time.

Next we film. This is where all that planning pays off, ensuring a super-efficient shoot! Finally, we edit and add in all the professional post-production effects to ensure your production really shines.



Do we have any input on the edit?

Absolutely! We allow up to 3 drafts on a typical project. 1st edit follows our storyboard as closely as possible. 2nd edit adds your feedback on anything that hasn’t quite hit the spot. 3rd edit allows for any final tweaks to make everything just perfect.

Our process ensures you’re in the driving seat throughout your production. It’s really important to us – we’ve developed it over the past 20 years – that’s why it forms part of our contract.

What video formats do you deliver in?

If your video is destined for the web, we offer a choice of files; the first is optimised for YouTube, Vimeo or other Social Media channels. The other is encoded specifically for direct hosting on your own website.

TV commercials require a much higher quality file for broadcast and you may have other applications – just let us know. We use industry-leading encoding tools to ensure your production is seen at its best on any platform.



Do you keep a copy of our project for future updates?

Yes! A high proportion of our clients come back to us for new videos as well as revisions to previous projects. We keep all your project assets securely on an ongoing basis, so they are always to hand.

Typical updates might include the removal of a scene, a revised job title, or the addition of new content to ensure your production stays up to date.

What preparation should we make before contacting you?

The sharper your brief, the easier it is for us to give you an accurate quotation. As a first step, we’re normally trying to work out how much filming and production time is needed to deliver your project.

Don’t worry if you’re staring at a blank canvas! We usually find a quick conversation can knock an initial brief into shape and give us something to work with.


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