J motion is teaming up with a leading Lancashire community charity once again to produce a promotional campaign video for their town.
One Voice Blackburn is supporting the #BackingBlackburn campaign launched by the council.
Our previous projects with 1V Blackburn have focussed on encouraging members of the local community to register for organ donation.
This new production will see us create a pastiche of the opening titles of the classic movie “Saturday Night Fever“, substituting the streets of New York with the most iconic landmarks across Blackburn! And there are plenty to choose from; the Town Hall, Barbara Castle’s statue, the Cathedral – to name just a few.
Two days of filming are being scheduled for early August. We’ll create a special edit for 1V Blackburn’s annual Awards Night – the largest gathering in town, featuring seven community awards celebrating the work of individuals and organisations who have excelled in the previous 12 months. An alternative edit will then be available for ongoing promotional use.
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