Project Case Study: Keech Hospice

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Project Summary

Client: Keech Hospice
Location: Luton, Bedfordshire

  • 1 day of filming on location
  • 5 days of production time
  • Multi-camera shoot
  • Bespoke animated graphics
  • Royalty-free music
  • Delivery format: You Tube
Project Details

Keech provides hospice care for terminally ill adults and sick children with a history that dates back to 1986. Today’s facilities at the charity’s centre just outside Luton are state-of-the-art but they need constant funds to maintain and improve the service to local patients.
Keech commissioned us to produce two short videos to encourage people to organise sponsored fundraising events and to consider leaving the charity with a lasting legacy through their will.
Our approach was to borrow all the techniques of a TV advert to create two short presentations that are easy to understand and make an immediate impact. We filmed a series of typical sponsorship activites to show how easy it can be to raise money and have fun at the same time, while two Keech patients – a child and an adult – helped us to produce a powerful testimony on the value of legacy donations by giving us a frank insight into their lives.
As we like to say with so many of our productions: “It’s all about the story” and nothing demonstrates the power of great story-telling better than these two videos which Keech will use via their own You Tube channel.

Client Testimonial

We needed to produce a film that would help inspire people to take part in a fundraising activity to help support the work of the hospice. We wanted it to be inspiring, fast, entertaining and get our message across. J motion took this rather broad brief and produced a film that surpassed our expectations. The film is now being used by our fundraisers and also as marketing across our social media channels. The team at J motion were professional, collaborative, super organised and really made it their task to understand the organisation and what we needed to deliver. We would highly recommend them and would be delighted to work with them again.
Mel Barry, Head of Marketing & Communications, Keech Hospice Care


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