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At J motion, we created our first school promotional video back in 2005. Since then, we’ve built up a wealth of experience across all sectors; Nursery, Primary, Secondary, Independent & Faith Schools as well as Colleges, Academies, Trusts & Universities.
We offer an end-to-end video production service from storyboard to delivery. Every school is different. Every project is unique.

Typical productions range from a single School Promotional Video to more complex multi-module projects – creating a Video Prospectus for your School or College.
Whether you’re looking to produce a new School Promotional Video, a School Virtual Open Day, or a Staff Recruitment Video, we offer a truly creative approach; beautiful 4K footage – including our J-copter drone – and bespoke animated graphics.
Every school video is crafted with passion by our team – each of whom carries an enhanced DBS certificate.
Put professional content at the heart of your communications.
J motion – your creative school video production partner.
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Our School Promotional Video Price Guide


At J motion, our no-nonsense approach means we’re always up front about our video production prices because we’re so confident in the value we can add to your project.
Typically, our School Promotional Video packages – with a bespoke creative concept – start from just £2,950.
Our all-inclusive packages mean your budget is locked-down from the start. It will only change if you change your brief.
Please EMAIL or call us on 0800 772 0963 to discuss your project.
The complexity of your project – and the required Production Values – has a direct impact on price. This is determined by;
  • the total amount of filming time at your school
  • the total amount of production time
  • the geography of your filming location(s)
  • the final duration of your edited school video(s)
  • any licences for royalty-free music or stock footage
  • the use of any additional production components like 3D animation, actors, venue hire




Popular School Video Formats


Advert / Brand
Typified by the most iconic TV commercials ever seen, the creative school advert or brand video is the most powerful way of ensuring a memorable presentation.
By their very nature, adverts are totally bespoke. Almost without exception, they pack the most punch by minimising the messaging, maximising the visual impact.
The mini-documentary is among the most established school promotional video formats. It’s a golden opportunity to introduce your audience to your story.
A collection of key messages can be conveyed through tightly cut sound-bite interviews with your students, staff or parents, and/or through animated text.
Social Media
Without doubt, the explosion in popularity of social media channels has fuelled an insatiable appetite for video.
Here, the emphasis is on short, sharp content – and lots of it! Typical school video campaigns comprise numerous ads, so you can interact with your audience over a much longer period.
Staff Recruitment
Nothing is more powerful than the personal testimony of your own team – through informal sound-bite interviews – as a tool to recruit new personnel to your school.
A series of Case Studies – as individual videos or combined into a single presentation – can demonstrate the breadth of staff experiences.



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