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Impact. Interaction. Engagement.


Harness the power of video and interact with your audience using memorable rich content. Entertain and inform your followers – encouraging them to share your message!


Video is the driver for engaging your audience via Social Media; over 8 billion videos are watched on Facebook every day, while You Tube is the second biggest search engine after Google.
Whatever your project, J motion offers a truly creative approach, beautiful 4K footage and bespoke animated graphics to maximise impact on each production.
If we’re already creating a promotional video for you, it’s easy to re-cut the content to produce a series of shorter ads carrying the more concise messaging required for Social Media.
Alternatively, you may only be looking for social media content – in which case we’ll ensure your project is structured to maximise the effectiveness of your campaign.
Typical ads are around 15 to 25 seconds, with messaging conveyed visually so the video is effective, even without sound.
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Optimise Your Social Media Video Campaign


Top Tips for Creating Social Media Ads

  • Keep it short – we recommend a 15 to 25-second duration for each ad, including a 5 second closing screen for your logo/URL/call-to-action
  • Use bullet-point text – this is no place for War & Peace !
  • Keep your messaging simple – ideally just one key message per advert
  • Plan your campaign around a package of ads, rather than expecting a single ad to change the world

Popular Social Media Platforms for Video

  • Facebook – the giant of social media, ideal for reaching consumers (35m+ UK users)
  • YouTube – the home of online video (23m+ UK users)
  • LinkedIn – perfect for B2B communications (20m+ UK users)
  • Instagram – especially popular with the under 30s (14m+ UK users)
  • X (formerly Twitter) – build brand awareness and interact with your audience (13m+ UK users)



Match Your Video to Your Audience

On the majority of projects, our footage is shot in 4K resolution, using the TV standard of 16:9, widescreen.
This format is perfect for posting videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter) and LinkedIn.
However, we can crop your widescreen footage to create a 1:1 square aspect ratio – ideal for Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest.





Existing Client…?

We can create a series of ads for you by;

  • re-cutting scenes from your previous projects
  • animating your chosen text
  • packaging with your logo and call to action

New Client…?

We can create a series of ads for you by;

  • using royalty-free stock footage
  • using your own digital still images
  • filming fresh content to meet your brief



Five Great Reasons to Create a
Video Ad Campaign for Social Media

  • Highlight a new product or service
  • Announce an event, open day or special offer
  • Interact with your audience on their favourite platform
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Encourage your followers to share your message

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Our Social Media video packages start from just £375 + VAT for a series of 5 adverts.
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