Project Case Study: FMH Conveyors

Promotional/Exhibition Video & Social Media advert series


Project Summary

Client: FMH Conveyors Ltd.
Location: Corby, Northamptonshire

  • 2 days of filming on location
  • 6 days of production time
  • Internal & external drone
  • Bespoke animated graphics
  • Royalty-free music
  • Delivery format: YouTube
Project Details

With a long history of expertise, FMH Conveyors is an established and respected global manufacturer of conveying equipment which is used across multiple industries.
The team at FMH had already seen our work with other UK manufacturers and approached us for the creation of a new promotional video which would also serve as an eye-catching presentation for public exhibitions and trade shows.
We combined extensive use of 4K drone footage – both inside and outside the company’s Corby plant – together with super stabilised footage on the ground, to create a powerful presentation.
Key messages are all conveyed through animated graphics – ideal for noisy exhibition spaces where a soundtrack isn’t always appropriate. Finally, the package is wrapped up with a series of shorter ads optimised for Social Media, each conveying one of the company’s core values.

Client Testimonial

We cannot recommend J motion highly enough. From the moment we made first contact the service was impeccable, and our entire experience from this moment to project delivery was absolutely incredible. At every stage Jonathan and James were ultra-supportive and always on hand.
The days of filming were nothing short of thrilling, and J motion engaged all our wider teams in their vision for what we wanted to create. Following a thorough editing process between us, the project delivery was super-efficient and comprehensive.
Our internal launch and launch to market of our new corporate video went spectacularly well and received the most positive feedback imaginable. We will absolutely be partnering with J motion again!
Danny Andrews, FMH Conveyors, Corby, Northamptonshire


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