Project Case Study: Kingsley Academy

Promotional Video Series


Project Summary

Client: Kingsley Academy
Location: Hounslow, West London

  • 2 days of filming on location
  • 7 days of production time
  • Interview-led format
  • Royalty-free music
  • Delivery format: YouTube
Project Details

Kingsley Academy were looking to update their original school video which was made a few years ago.
Rather than recreate their previous single video format, we suggested splitting the same messaging across a series of much shorter presentations. This has the advantage of holding the viewer’s interest, while also enabling a choice about which part of the information to see first.
The main promotional video is led by a series of tightly crafted student interviews, adding credibility and authenticity to messaging. A separate Principal’s Welcome video is aimed more at the parental audience. While a separate Primary Transition video is targeted at each year’s new intake of students, to reassure them about the friendly welcome at Kingsley.
Finally a separate series of 5 Social Media Ads pick out each of the school’s “DNA” values, along with a generic advert to encourage people to arrange a school visit.

Client Testimonial

It was a pleasure working with Jonathan and the team to create our series of promotional videos at Kingsley Academy. The communication was excellent and the turnaround time was exceptional. I couldn’t recommend J motion enough to any other schools or businesses. Thank you!
Bob Tinsley, Principal, Kingsley Academy


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