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Cost-effective communications to inform & engage your audience.

At J motion, we aspire to match the best production values and creativity of today’s television formats. We offer a range of innovative, cost-effective solutions to ensure you enhance your communications and engage your target audience, whether on-air or on-line.



Corporate News Programmes

Whether you have news for your staff, your customers or your stakeholders, the printed corporate newsletter is history!
J motion can turn your agenda into an informative news programme, borrowing all the techniques of television to enhance your message and engage your audience. Reports on location… interviews with your news-makers… insights into your stories… it’s your show.
Our Midlands location means we can work quickly and effectively with organisations across the UK.



Specialist Information Series

Video is an ideal tool to convey specialist information. By working with J motion, you’re tapping into the expertise to package your content just like a TV discussion programme.
A tightly themed or topical series is also a cost-effective way of creating a video collection for your YouTube channel.
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