Project Case Study: Wildlife Trust

Promotional Video



Project Summary

Client: Wildlife Trust (BCN)
Location: Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire

  • 2 days of filming on location
  • 5 days of production time
  • Multi-camera shoot
  • Low level aerial videography
  • Bespoke animated graphics
  • Royalty-free music
  • Delivery format: You Tube
Project Details

The Wildlife Trust is among the UK’s most established conservation charities, operating through a network of regional divisions. The Trust’s strategy is led by a mission to create “Living Landscapes” – pioneered by the Great Fen Project in Cambridgeshire – which connect up smaller reserves into a larger, more viable area where wildlife can thrive.
The organisation relies on members, volunteers and corporate sponsorship to continue its vital work and an information video is seen as an important tool to communicate the Trust’s strategy and opportunities.
Our task was to showcase a small number of projects across Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire to demonstrate the diversity of Wildlife Trust sites and explain the benefits of the Living Landscapes strategy. The story is told through interviews with staff, volunteers and corporate stake-holders and includes low-level aerial footage, captured by our J-copter.
The result is a lively and colourful presentation which can be used on-line through the Trust’s You Tube channel as well as in live presentations to smaller audience groups.

Client Testimonial

It was a real pleasure to work with J motion on this film – they were the most efficient production team I’ve ever worked with, getting the best out of our staff and volunteers in the minimum time, and covering a large number of sites in a single day. They really cared about the subject matter and this enthusiasm comes across in the film. We were impressed with how they quickly understood and developed the story we wanted to tell about our work to protect local wildlife. The aerial footage is stunning and really brings to life our efforts to create bigger, better and more joined-up spaces for wildlife across our three counties.
Brian Eversham, Chief Executive, Wildlife Trust (BCN)


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