Project Case Study: Wilson & Scott

Corporate Promotional Video



Project Summary

Client: Wilson & Scott
Location: Colnbrook, Berkshire

  • 5 days of filming on location
  • 6 days of production time
  • Bespoke animated graphics
  • Royalty-free music
  • Delivery format: You Tube
Project Details

We’ve been working with Wilson & Scott since 2012 and have seen the company go from strength to strength. With crews out on the road 24/7, Wilson & Scott is Britain’s leading road-marking and specialist surface contractor.
For our fourth project, the team at W & S were keen for us to create a short and punchy presentation which picks out the various stages of the customer journey – from initial enquiry to final delivery.
As a company’s story changes, it’s important to keep online information right up to date – whether that’s through text, images or video. Our popular graphics-led approach was chosen to convey a set of succinct messages – the perfect format for exhibitions, trade shows or playback in busy office situations where a soundtrack may not be appropriate.


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